Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Month of Travels...

The month of September was full of travels and I can't believe October has already come and gone! This post is full of photos so be sure to click on them to see them full size!

We started on August 31 (my birthday) and boarded a plane with a wonderful couple we had never met before to photograph their destination wedding in the Bahamas. I love my job :)

The couple found my photography website online and after interviewing and several in depth phone calls, the bride let me know she hired us and we were going on a three-day cruise to the Bahamas, leaving from Miami. The entire group of family and friends were fabulous and a joy to be around. Kyle got to go with me as my second shooter (he's starting a new photography website under the name Blue Wall Photography - more for landscapes). Although I have a handful of people I like to second shoot with, I let the bride decide and I was glad she picked Kyle!

We returned on the 4th of September, and a week later, we turned around and boarded a plane to head in the other direction... All the way to Maine to visit Matt (Kyle's brother).  It was an amazing trip and really wonderful to visit Maine for the first time. Kyle and I enjoyed hanging out with Matt and all of his cool grad school friends in Orono. We were able to cram a lot into our 9 day visit, including a backpacking trip along the Cutler coast (stopping in the northeastern most gift shop in the US of course), lunch in Lubec, hiking in Acadia for two days (including climbing Mount Champlain), dinner in Bar Harbor, touring University of Maine's campus, hanging out in Bangor, lobstering in Blue Hill (catching and cooking our very first lobster dinner!), chillin' at Popham beach and Kyle got to climb the highest peak with his brother - Mount Khatadin. I have lots of stories! Just ask if you want to know more...

We just got the tail end of the warm weather in Maine and left just as the leaves were starting to change. I was sad to leave so soon because I could tell the leaves were going to be a brilliant display of color, but we had to get back so I could photograph the reception of the destination wedding, which was held in TN.

The reception took place on a farm in the middle of nowhere TN and it was a dream location for any photographer with perfect weather, complete with a red barn, open green fields, hay stacks, rustic fun and a gorgeous tent. I couldn't have asked for anything better! It was fun reuniting with the families and friends we hung out with for the wedding weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed it. You can view it on the Shutter Sweet blog if you're interested.

Just after that, we left to go to Colorado for another wedding. This wedding was to celebrate a dear friend of ours from college - a roommate of Kyle's. Kyle was a groomsmen and it was so fun to see him wearing suspenders and a bow tie with his buddies. The location was picture perfect as the sun spilled over the mountains in the distance to light up the field where we all gathered. I had so much fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones. We enjoyed it so much, we even talked about moving there, but I am pretty sure we'll be planting our roots in Atlanta for now. However, we did stay an extra few days to go hiking, hang with friends and enjoy Colorado! I saw my first snow of the year (and actually hiked in it climbing a 12,000 ft mountain) which was my first time hiking above the tree line. I was a little bummed how hazy it was from the wildfires, but enjoyed it none the less. Here are a few photos that captured the trip:

We returned home, got settled and then two weeks later had one last wedding to attend for a close friend of ours in Greenville, SC. It was also a gorgeous wedding in a very different urban loft setting which was also a ton of fun - Kyle even asked me to dance since I was an unofficial photographer! We were able to hang out with some different college friends and head back to ATL late that night.

I had every intention of updating the blog as soon as we returned at the beginning of the month, but once we were back, I have been slammed with work and we dove straight into house plans and are moving forward (more to come on the next blog). We'll keep you posted on the progress! Hope everyone had a happy Halloween and I'll be posting again soon - stay tuned.

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  1. How fun!! My husband, Morgan, is from Orono. It's such a cute small town, right? Did you eat at Pats? The Bear Brew?? Small world.