Saturday, July 2, 2011

We're Home!!!

So this is going to be quick because I'm exhausted, but I wanted to let you know that we're home!!!

We were able to leave this evening and the Trilogy was so easy to travel with! We're so excited about using it more to get out on walks together and maybe even take that trip to the zoo I've been talking about for some time. Still working on it...

Skylar was a rockstar, as usual. She traveled really well and I think is really glad to be home. She's pretty much back to normal. We had some amazing nurses, fabulous RTs, and incredible doctors and truly think Scottish Rite TICU is the best place to stay if we have to be in the hospital.

We went all week without a bath and so as soon as we got home, Kyle and I bathed Skylar. She stayed off her bi-pap the whole time and even for an hour or so after her bath while Kyle and I unpacked her room and set things up for her. We finally raised her bed on cement blocks!!! Now we won't have to kill our backs and we can put more things under her bed. Nurse Natalie is probably smiling reading this...

Pediatric Specialists (our home health care company) came over to make sure we were set up with our equipment at home and that was wonderful. Once he left, we got Skylar back on her bi-pap, unpacked everything else, made dinner and now we're ready for bed. Reese dog missed us - he is laying across my foot as I type this and already tried to make out with me on the couch, lol. Have a great holiday weekend everyone!



  1. I'm so glad to hear that everything is smoothing out!! Scottish is a great hospital! I wished every one in Atlanta knew how lucky they are to have such an amazing hospital in our backyard!

  2. Yay for being back home! I am very happy to hear it! Happy 4th to you as well. Hugs all around! xoxo

  3. Praise god you are home. Praying for you guys. When you get settled- we would love to come visit and have dessert..... Just let us know when. No rush.