Monday, July 18, 2011

Daddy's Birthday Today!

So I am pretty sure Skylar is a Daddy's Girl... Not only did she save her teeth for Father's Day, but she's doing her best to get well for her Daddy's Birthday today!

Yesterday was the first day that we saw better heart rates, although we're still not out of the clear just yet. So far today, we're doing a little better and I have figured out that Skylar likes to sleep to Enya. I mean, who doesn't? We're giving Pandora radio a chance on the iPad right now and so far so good. Although as I type that, the pulse ox alarm went off because her oxygen dipped down too low.

As I think about what Skylar would be able to do as a 20-month old (as of tomorrow), I know she would probably love to give hugs, run around like a giant amongst friends (she's in the 92 percentile for height and not even on the chart for weight!) and would definitely be saying mommy and daddy by now. I can only imagine that she would be climbing on things like her dad - maybe even getting in to trouble too :) I bet she would squeal with delight if Kyle could pick her up and throw her in the air and catch her or chase her around the house. I know she would be a much more adventurous eater than me by now with the help of her dad. Who knows, she might even like garlic and rosemary!

But for now, we take as many "hand hugs" as we can get and as many smiles and giggles as we can earn (she makes you work extra hard for them). I wish I could read her thoughts... I know she would go on and on about her daddy and how she LOVES her new swing (pictures coming soon!), how she loves watching Kung Fu Panda with him and holding his hand. Even though she can't say it, I know she is thinking, "Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you! You're the best dad ever."

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  1. Way to get me all teary eyed Ashley... I'm sure she would be doing all of those things and more! A very Happy Birthday to Kyle! Hope you all have a great day today! Much love. Xoxo