Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hospital Update

Well, we were smooth sailing yesterday and thought we would be going home today... However, sometime during the night, Skylar developed a fever and was not sleeping well - and by that I mean that she was asleep, but her heart rate was still really high so it was not a restful sleep.

I've been wanting to update all morning and afternoon, but the internet has been down. So here I am.

We've been giving her Tylenol and she's been trying to get some sleep, but she's still kinda uncomfortable. We're trying to figure out the cause of it... We switched her formula last night to the big girl formula and she didn't digest it really well, but that wouldn't cause the fever. We've lowered the rate of her feeds to give her belly a break in hopes that she'll slowly adjust to the new formula and will continue to keep working back up to her normal rate. In the meantime, we have a few ideas as to what could be causing her fever, but have to do some testing and won't know until tonight or tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted.

In other news, we actually heard that there is a family near Madison, GA who might be a finalist in the Extreme Makeover so we're no longer holding our breath to hear Ty on the 10th of July. However, we're not giving up hope completely and obviously would still love for the family chosen to be us! If it's not us, you can find me at our local yogurt shop indulging in some comfort food :)

More updates soon... peace.

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  1. Sending lots of love and well wishes to my favorite little girl. I hope you all can figure out what is causing her fever quickly so that she starts to feel better.

    I will continue to keep my figures crossed for the home makeover. And as always, thank you for the update. Love to all. xoxo