Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The First...

Since it's the first of June and the first post of the month, I thought it only appropriate to share a "first" that we experienced this past week. No teeth yet - don't get too excited. 

Tuesday, Natalie and I were getting ready to give Skylar a bath but noticed her stomach was really bloated. We brought her to the bathroom and massaged some gas out. You could tell she immediately felt better and was breathing better and so we decided it was time for her bath. We put her in, and like we always do, Natalie started washing and massaging her legs while I did the same with her arms and body. I was just washing her face and hair when I heard a bubble sound. Skylar had farted in the tub before, which caused Natalie and I to jump back and start laughing, but this time, some nice diarrhea came out as well. That's right. Our first poop in the tub! I knew it was only a matter of time... In fact, I might have been sad if Skylar had passed away without ever doing that. It was one of those things that I knew wasn't going to be an easy clean up because we can't just stand her up out of the mess and hose her down, but it's just one of those "mom" moments to experience. Our girl is getting so big!!!

We had our first consultation from the company who will be providing the trilogy just to make sure we don't have a hazardous house and have working outlets. It's was actually pretty funny, but I'll spare you the details because I think you had to be there. We're hoping the paperwork goes through smoothly and we can get approved for the Trilogy (our new bi-pap) soon. Then we can get checked into the hospital to make sure all the settings are right and will hopefully be much more mobile with Skylar. 

Skylar is way ahead of her parents with technology, yet again. Skylar got a super awesome iPad last year, while Kyle and I still have old school flip phones. Kyle and I have a big square box of a tv that was the first "flatscreen" as far as the screen technology goes yet it weighs 100 pounds and is huge even though it was super cool when I first got it. There's a built in DVD and VHS player - do you even remember those? It works and so we can't justify getting rid of it. Anyway, Skylar got her first TV last week - a super sleek LED 22" HD flatscreen with a built in DVD player :) The mini travel DVD player that we used daily to watch movies from her bed finally quit on us and we decided it was worth the investment to upgrade for Skylar and our daily enjoyment of movies. It's amazing!!! Worth every penny! In the few days we were without one, we moved to the living room because Skylar would have her little meltdowns until we were watching movies. At least she knows what she likes! See the new mounted tv below!

You can see that I also updated her room with some wall decals (a present for Skylar's birthday) that I actually put on the plain white doors in the room. It has added so much more color! I hope Skylar enjoys looking at the new things in her room. We're always looking for creative ways to change things up and keep her attention. 

The first Extreme Makeover location for the season was announced - it'll be in Pennsylvania. Still hoping they bring that bus to Atlanta... Maybe they'll keep the same trend as last season and start in the northeast and move on down the coast... Not losing hope. 

Anyway, don't forget to leave a comment if you're interested in ordering a Skylar Project t-shirt. We're still working with vendors, but we'll need to give them an estimate of how many to print for the first round. Thanks! 

Hope you're staying cool in the summer heat. Peace.


  1. i definitely want a t-shirt!!

    and you would post that skylar had diarrhea in the tub. is this the kind of thing it's appropriate to say 'congratulations' too :)

    love you! and miss you more than you know. It's ok though, i still have your future husband to climb with once a week that reminds me of you :)

  2. 2 tshirts please. a boy one and a girl one.

  3. Hi Ashley! :)

    I hope it's not too late to request a t-shirt as well! :)