Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shutterfly Contest

Hey Everyone,

If you have a shutterfly account (or want to make one), we've entered into a contest to win $1,000 and some shutterfly credit towards books and prints. I thought it was a one-time deal, but you can actually vote daily... So if you have a minute, please consider voting for us!

We created photo books for our parents for their Christmas gifts full of pics of Skylar and our family. With our submission, we hope to raise some awareness about SMA and maybe even win! The link to vote is below - thank you in advance!

Check out this entry I found on Best Gift Ever Contest.

PS - We're staying warm and enjoying the snow-covered (well really ice-covered) surroundings as we look out the windows. So far, no loss of power or any other crazy things. Our nurse actually braved the weather to come be with us - she's a New Yorker :) and Skylar got a bath today.

Funny story I'll leave you with.... Skylar was in her bath and I turned away to dry my hands and I heard a very large bubble sound (like the bubbles made from one of those water dispensers with the blue jug on top). I looked at Natalie with a "what was that?" look on my face and she started laughing and said Skylar tooted in the tub. She wasn't sure until she smelled it and we both cracked up laughing. It was such a loud noise that it startled me! That's my girl...

Hope you all are staying warm and enjoying the time off if you're able! Peace.

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