Saturday, November 27, 2010

Party Pics!!!

So my little champ survived the power outage and I couldn't be more proud of her. Kyle and I have enjoyed the holiday weekend and hope you have too! We got the pictures from Nicole Grimes that she took at the birthday party so I wanted to share them with you!

The party was held at our church in the auditorium. Trinity has been amazing through everything and this was just one more way our church stepped up to help us out! We put a couch on stage so Skylar could lay on it and be comfy with the ability to look out and see everything.

My friend helped me with signs and banners even though she was sick and missed the party - she left everything on my front porch so she wouldn't even come in contact with us.
Thanks Lindsey!

Here are some postcards I designed with pictures of Skylar and a thank you message on the back that a dear friend printed up for me. The large poster is from the SMA event at the hospital that I just re-used :)

This is a close up of the top of her awesome cake/cup cake tower.

Skylar smiling - this was a rare event at her party because she slept most of the time. What a party pooper, lol. When she did wake up, I think she was a little overwhelmed, but it was still fun!

The Jones Family!
(compliments of my step dad's iPhone :)

These are two very special kiddos dear to my heart! They have both lost siblings to SMA and it was so awesome for them to meet and play together since they are almost the same age. They are two very smart kids and so adorable too! I wish I could have spent more time with them, but hopefully I will get to hang out with them again soon!

These are some of my best buddies from Clemson. One friend drove all the way from NC! She came to my "after baby shower" to meet Skylar when she was only a month and a half old (right before we were diagnosed) so it was cool for her to see Skylar again! This is also the debut of my new bangs and hair color - thank you Ryan at Michael Burton Colors Salon!!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures - thank you Nicole for staying behind the camera for us :)

I know you are all probably spoiled now with three blog posts over the holiday weekend, but I can't promise another one any time soon, lol. I am working on some design projects and photo editing so that will be my focus for the next week or so. Stay warm!!!

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