Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hey Everyone -

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment and to update you on my growing girl :) She's getting cuter by the day! This also serves as a warning that there is a super long post coming... lol.

So the day we had visitors - including Lucy (3 years old) - this picture was taken. Skylar loved watching Lucy play with her plastic stack-able cups compliments of the Grimes Family.

Looking up at Corrie while getting her head rubbed!

Skylar was laughing at mommy and watching her mobile in this one :)

Skylar's eyes continue to captivate me... she's so gorgeous! She has her Daddy's lashes - Kyle looks so freakin' cute as a girl, lol!!!

Hope you enjoyed the update through pictures :)


  1. Oh, man- I love her so much!! Precious child!

  2. Ashley and Kyle, our hearts just ache for you, your precious Skylar and your families. We don't know what say, but please know you continue to be on our hearts and in our prayers.
    Much love- Margaret and Rob Glass