Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend!

Sorry it took me so long to update you! Last weekend was the fundraiser and Father's Day! Kyle enjoyed some quality time with Skylar :) while I hung out all day at the fundraiser. Sorry Skylar couldn't come out to play, but hopefully we can do this again in the fall and have the van with the inverter and battery so that Skylar can hang out with everyone.

It was so wonderful. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and also those who could not be there, but sent in money to our church or to us. We are much closer to getting a van but still have some shopping to do. It's been a busy week and then this weekend I went to my first dealership to see what I could find... I am finally getting around to updating the blog :)

Tessa, with Light Love Laughter Photography was the main photographer who helped put this together for us. Jessica, with Baker 3 Photography, and Chris, from Shooting Babies Photography, donated their time and skills to take pictures with Tessa on Saturday while I was able to mingle and jump in and take pictures here and there. It was great! All of the pictures you see on this blog were pictures I took from the fundraiser :) It felt so amazing to be behind a camera again... For those of you who don't know me that well, before I became a mom, I was doing my own photography and graphic design work and absolutely loved it! Saturday was so refreshing to spend a whole day outside, taking pictures, getting to see old friends and meet new ones. A huge thanks to Tessa for donating so much of her time and energy!!!

The fundraiser was a success - we raised over $2,000 just on Saturday (if anyone orders prints from their photo shoot, we get those proceeds as well so there's potential to raise even more money). It was a beautiful day - sunny until the late afternoon when we had one 5 minute downpour that quickly cleared up and we were able to finish our pictures. We had lots of friends, families, babies and pets come out to participate - it was fun!

So many people came out, it was really amazing. A dear friend of mine helped the entire day at the registration table, two friends from South Carolina drove down for a photo session, along with my friends from Canada who were in town, a long lost friend from Clemson (also named Kyle Jones) surprised us with a visit with his wife and new baby, friends of Tessa who hung out and helped with food, some friends from high school I hadn't seen in over 7 years, some friends of my parents, a friend who came straight from the hospital with her husband, and a couple from our church who just had a baby two days before the photo shoot and came out to support us! There were many more of you who came out - believe me, I would name everyone if I thought people would read all of it, lol - but a lot of people from church, friends from school, friends of friends, etc. and we just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you!!!

Yesterday was my first time out looking at vans. I went to a VW dealership in Marietta because we have a good friend who works for VW and could help us out. The VW Routan is still fairly new so the prices on used ones are still high, but they were really nice! It was the first place we looked in person (we've looked online some) and we still have a lot of shopping to do before we decide on one. We'll keep you posted though! I am so excited that a van is becoming a reality for us - it really will make going out possible and hassle free.

If you missed out on the photo shoot, but need some current pictures or are looking for an event photographer, please contact Tessa ( because she's going to donate a portion of her proceeds from her bookings in June to our family as well as any photo sessions booked related to the fundraiser. One last thing to mention for those of you who came to the photo shoot... once the pictures are up (I'll post a link when they are) but pass it along to any of your friends or family who might want to order as well. Tessa is seriously a huge blessing and is giving us all of the profits from prints ordered too. Please give her your business and keep her in mind for the future - I have no doubt that God will bless her!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed a few of the pictures that I took from Saturday and I am excited to see all of them online that the other photographers took. I'll let you know when they're up. As always, thanks for reading :) Have a great week!!!

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  1. Hi, Jones Family- We have an extra inverter that we would be happy to give to you. Also, is there a paypal account/email address to which we may send a contribution?