Thursday, April 15, 2010

Little Miss Grumpster!

So I wish I could title this Little Miss Sunshine, but Skylar hasn't smiled in days! We thought it might be constipation (which was definitely a problem) because that makes me grumpy too, but prune juice really works! I came home to find a naked diaper baby and found out that Kyle got a pretty nasty poo diaper today that leaked, lol. We have had her on an ounce of prune juice for two or three days now and it has helped a lot, but still no giggles. We got a half smile yesterday, but it faded quickly.

After lots of furrowed brows and frowns, I think I might know what is going on... a tooth! I don't know for sure, but it would explain a lot. I think there is a little white tint to her gums on top :) Anyway, she's been sleeping a lot and just so grumpy! It's too bad she can't pull anything up to her mouth to chew on, and anything I put near her mouth she just licks. I got her to munch on my pinky finger tip the other day and an ice cold washcloth yesterday, so we'll see. I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival! Hopefully she'll be smiles on Sunday for her dedication... who knows, she might even reach the big 10 pound mark too when she turns 5 months on the 19th - c'mon double digits! We'll keep you posted!


  1. Hope Skylar has a happy 5 month birthday!!!!

    Casey in Dahlonega

  2. holy cow a tooth a 5 months? that's amazing. been trying to contact you about the SMA golf event in knoxville, TN. Check out my blog @ for details.
    When are you going to post some pics of this angel?

  3. hey ashley! how's skylar doing - a tooth? i had a lot of fun sunday at your house with all your friends and family. it's nice to be surrounded by all that!