Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Recovery Goal: Decrease Pain

Lots of thanks and praise going on right now! Skylar has been on room air since the procedure (I guess it's been 9 hours or so) and is having a great recovery thus far. We were told prior to surgery that Skylar would most likely be on some breathing assistance coming out of surgery and that part of the recovery time would be weaning her off the machines (either ventilator or bi-pap) and she hasn't needed anything! I am so proud of her!!! Like I said before, she's a champ :) she's got 4 little incisions across her belly in an arc and they went through her belly button too so it's a bit bigger than I remember... then she's got the plastic port for the g-tube so I am sure her whole middle section is pretty sore. There's a board in our room with all of the nurse info on it and at the bottom is a goal for the day: decrease pain. I like it.

Today she has been on IV fluids as far as feeding goes and has been on heavy pain medication, but she's handling it really well. Tonight she will be on the c-pap (if they can find one that fits her) just to help open her lungs some, which she does at home too, and then tomorrow afternoon or evening will be her first feeding through the new g-tube. She's had some pretty thick mucous in her mouth that we've been suctioning out, but that's about it. So far so good :) Once we get her feedings on the g-tube regulated and up to the amount we were doing through the ng tube, we should be good to go home. Hopefully that will just be three days now.

I can't tell you how amazed I am by her current state. I honestly didn't know what to expect. I know that some babies don't come out of surgery well, so I just thank you for your prayers and praise God for Skylar and great doctors. Even the nurse said we had some of the best doctors working with Skylar (knowing the surgeon and the neurologist). Our nurses so far in the PICU have been great too. We feel extremely blessed. Just taking things one day at a time... today was a good day and hopefully tomorrow will be too! I'll keep you posted.


  1. GREAT news ya'll! So thankful everything went smoothly. We were thinking about ya'll a lot yesterday!

  2. Praise God!! Madlem's are praying!