Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hello there!

No baby yet, (don't worry, we'll call you when something happens) but I wanted to put some pictures of the nursery up since many of you haven't seen the new place yet...

Here's a close up of the bedding. We have the "bunny meadow" pattern of the bedding painted on the walls, which you can see around the changing area and the crib in case you are wondering what you're looking at.

Kyle and I have been working hard (especially this past week) to get everything ready.

We just celebrated our two year anniversary on the 3rd of November! On our first year anniversary, we had a toast to no babies... can't say the same for this one, hahaha. However, we are excited and look forward to meeting this little Jones! For the second year anniversary, Kyle took me out to one of my favorite restaurants for a nice steak dinner (we've always just gone with parents because it's expensive...) He said he'd really love to take me there on a date since we probably won't be able to afford it for a really long time after this baby arrives.
He's probably right :) Here we are, all dressed up.

We can't wait to announce the little one's arrival and hope it comes sooner rather than later. I am pretty uncomfortable these days, but it makes me want to deliver this baby so I am okay with it. If I was comfortable, why on earth would I want to go into labor?! I'll spare you the pictures of my bare skin belly completely odd-shaped with a baby sticking out way further than it ever should. With the new pain and positions of the baby, I have more motivation to birth this baby, besides finding out if it's a boy or a girl and meeting our child (as if that wasn't enough...). Seriously though, I'm ready. Kyle is too, lol.

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  1. eeeee I'm so excited for you both! I can't believe how much you have got going on- and that you are patient enough to keep the baby's gender a secret! Josh and I are praying for y'all and your new addition (reese and baby both)! Hope to talk to you soon-
    Alexandra (