Friday, August 14, 2009

6 Months and Counting!

So Kyle and I have managed to keep little baby Jones off facebook, but there is just no way to keep everyone updated with pictures unless I post something online so here I am...

I am now 6 months along and due the middle of November - crazy! I thought I would post a picture of the sonogram (sorry it's an older one...) and a picture of my belly from mid-July since some of you haven't seen me in a while and have been asking for pictures.

This is a profile picture from early July - the head is the lighter part of the image and you can see the hands/fingertips are curled up by the head. They kept the bottom area darker because we want to be surprised by the sex of the baby, but you can still see the outlines of the body curled around and the one foot sticking up in the air and the other leg bent at a 90 degree angle if you look closely. It's hard to see, but this is the best I could do as far as getting a good quality picture online for you to see. Below are pictures of me taken July 19...

So funny story - I went to the car dealership the other day to get an idea of prices on vehicles since I am probably going to sell my 2-door Blazer :( and as I was going to peer into the window of a vehicle, my belly hit the door first and I bounced backwards. It really took me by surprise! I keep forgetting that I have a decent size bump now and that I can't just slip through the narrow aisles between chairs at a restaurant or other things I am used to doing... As I am trying to adjust to the physical changes, I have to keep adjusting to try to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for this new addition as well.

As I was putting together our first assembly project for the baby (a jogging stroller) I realized that the stroller was in fact for me and my baby and it's actually going to happen; I am going to be a mom. I know that sounds silly, but coming to realize that I am in fact pregnant and going to birth a baby has been an interesting journey. The first trimester I just felt like I had mono or the flu because I was nauseated and slept all day. The second trimester I felt like I had just ate too much with some bad indigestion because I had a beer gut belly and the beginning movements felt like weird gas bubbles moving around. But now, it actually looks and feels like I am pregnant!

The baby now has sleeping and wake patterns and sometimes like to stretch out to the point where I can cup its head in my hand. When I had my glucose testing, it felt like I had fireworks going off in my belly because my sugar intake was so messed up, the baby was going nuts. It's about 1lb 4oz in weight and the size of a large eggplant. I am definitely in maternity clothes at this point and am still in disbelief that my belly is going to stretch to allow the baby to reach at least 6-7 lbs. I honestly can't imagine what I am going to feel like in two months...

I will do my best to keep you updated through this blog :) Let me know if you want to know anything specific!

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  1. oh my gosh!! little baby jones! i can't believe how big you are--never thought the day would come. loves you both!