Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A delayed post...

This is from my experience last Friday night, which is what really inspired me to create a blog. I have a lot of moments when I just really want to describe my situation through my perspective and share it with people. This was one of those nights...

It's been a while since Atlanta has gotten a good hard rain. We would get a storm on a Friday evening, when traffic is already horrendous. Luckily, I have already made it to my destination - Panera on Peachtree. As I was waiting for my friend, the power suddenly went out. It flickered twice and went out for good... no lights, no music.

Just the sound of the rain against the glass and the occasional rumble off in the distance. Ten minutes have gone by and it’s pleasantly quiet and dark.

The soft discussions around the room fill the silence and the employees are walking around trying to figure out what to do without any power.

The streams of water cover the windows as headlights flash by with a honk ever so often as drivers forget what proper etiquette is when the traffic lights are out.

A guy a few tables away doesn’t even realize how obnoxiously loud his phone conversation is, echoing throughout the silence since he’s so accustomed to talking over the noise of American culture.

My friend arrives, people leave, and we have the place to ourselves. The soup is still hot and we find ourselves having a peaceful, unique, quiet evening :)

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